Operation Curate


Art Is Either Public Or It’s Not is an interactive dialectic installation on the current role that curation forms in the promotion or negation of street art.

Art is a concept that belongs to us all, and is present in all cultures. Whatever form art takes, or whatever the emotional, aesthetic, psychological challenge that arises, it is key to the perception that a culture has of itself. When one person, or a few choose for the many to curate culture how does the face of street art, which by nature is ephemeral, change though the process of curation?

By creating an interactive piece, I’m inviting both artist and audience to reflect upon how visually shifting one person’s opinion can truly be. This installation, a modular jigsaw, is a 8’ x 16’ blank slated wall for graffiti- Each board has been coded and is replaceable. After the artists have painted the entire wall, I will then act as its curator. I will flip some of the boards and move other boards into predestined slots. I will be curating this installation three times during the space of the performance dates. By enlisting the duel role of institution and artist, by proxy of curating and painting, I gain access to the personification of both archetypes. The decisions I make as a curator will directly impact the piece; calling into question how art is changed by a formal and decisive presence. My actions, as an artist, in a collaborative setting will demonstrate the challenges of creating organically within a homogenous system.